About Us


Hudsonville Lumber strives to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations through the use of high quality lumber and fasteners along with quality construction techniques.  We strive to manufacture the highest quality boxes and bulk bins at competitive pricing for our ever increasing customer base.

About Us

Established in 2005 as a specialty supplier of wooden agricultural boxes, Hudsonville Bulk Bin has become West Michigan’s leading manufacturer of custom pallets. Rail or stringer constructed, the rugged agricultural boxes are constructed with routed interior edges, sides, and base for additional product protection.

Thinking Outside the Box

Hudsonville Lumber is able to customize any box or bulk bin to meet and exceed its customers’ requirements. We offer a variety of fasteners and lumber types to satisfy any individual box requirements. We manufacture boxes for both fruit and vegetable growers, along with bulk bins for agricultural supply companies. Our specialty is our ability to customize any box for any customer. This, in turn, optimizes the customer’s efficiency and functionality.

Additionally, we offer a limited box rental pool, as well sale quality used boxes. We also supply repair boards.